June 17, 2003
Deloitte Consulting releases 'Bullfighter'

This is hilarious: Bullfighter- Stripping The Bull Out Of Business - A consulting jargon fighter from Deloitte Consulting:

"A value-added, leverageable global knowledge repository."

"Repurposeable, leading edge thoughtware that delivers results-driven value."

"A future-proof asset that seamlessly empowers your mission critical enterprise communications."

Bullfighter could be all of these things. Except that we have no idea what any of these things are.

Yet another reminder for consultants to talk straight...

I feel energized now ;-)

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How do I get a copy of the Bull Fighter program which is mentioned in the book by John Humphrys: Lost of Words. ??

Posted by: Tony Greenfield on February 3, 2005 11:07 AM
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