July 23, 2003
Doing some American field studies...

I'm off to Houston TX tomorrow morning to go to my friends Nicole and Trygve's wedding. Finally getting to spend some air miles, I'm flying KLM/Nortwest in World Business Class/First Class at least on the way there, but to get my tickets I had to fly with a few stops instead of directly. Ah well. Life could be a lot worse... :-)

LHR-Amsterdam-Mempis-Houston, Houston-Detroit-LGW

Time to dig out the cowboy hat and snake skin boots... ? I'll report more anthropological findings when I return ;-)

... or maybe I should just find a button to have some fun: America, the country where some free speeches for the time being are more equal than others, has now seen an airplane passenger being refused travel on British Airways because he was wearing a "Suspected Terrorist" button! (via jdb)

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I can't assure this is comes from a reliable source but just to let you know what you are heading for:

"It has been estimated that more bullets were fired during this year's New Year's celebrations in Texas than were fired during the whole Gulf War"


Posted by: Claudia on July 23, 2003 05:49 PM

Hey now! You're headed to my neck of the woods! My parents live in Houston, and I go to school/live about 4 hours north of there. I've lived in Texas about 15 years of my life. You'll probably be surprised to find Houston is made of more concrete than cowboys. If you feel like heading my way, let me know.. I'll be doing the Blogathon this weekend!

Posted by: eliot on July 23, 2003 07:05 PM
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