July 28, 2003
NASA Johnson Space Center

I'm back from a fantastic weekend in Houston (TX, USA). Nicole and Trygve remembered their words, got married, and we all had a great time partying. I met some new friends, and that's not an everyday thing either.

Most funny, all-American event of the weekend: visiting the NASA Johnson Space Center's astronaut training facility, and being shown the training modules in use for the International Space Station:

Guide: and here are some of the modules of the new International Space Station. This one there is called Leonardo, the others are Donatello and Raffaello.


Guide: Does anyone know who these modules are named after?

*general mumble*

Guide: Yes! That's right! The Ninja Turtles!

... or, in fairness to the intelligence of the constructors: maybe they were named after some famous Italian engineers?

(maybe the guide had seen this picture (look closely at the "men" inside the helmets!))

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Visiting Space Center Houston sure gives you a strange "wow, we're an amazing species" feeling. I don't know how many times they say "for the good of human kind" in the movies and tours.

And of course the modules were named after the Ninja Turtles! What silly nuts would name the modules after Italian engineers?! ;)

Posted by: eliot on July 29, 2003 05:56 PM
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