September 06, 2003
Reader feedback is fun!

Reader feedback is always fun. This one just came in via ICQ:

hi. i read your blog from time to time. i want to thank you for a good tip - some time ago you have mentioned gaate (the group) at your page. i bought the cd some ten days ago, when i was in trondheim. it is really great (and playing since ;-)!
sarka, prague, czech republic
Thanks, Sarka!

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Hello! Er you dont know me, or maybe you do? But i just thought id leave a note to say hi as i saw (i think) that u have blogshares in my blog! Frankly that its there at all astounds me!
But erm ta very much.
(BTW ur blog is very swanky!)

Posted by: Fluffy on September 8, 2003 12:26 PM
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