September 16, 2003
Error 403.9 - would you like a webhost?

Am I the only one to find this amusing? ... as in: if I host with an ISP I would like them to be able to handle an occational slashdotting (not that it's a frequent occurrence).

I was trying to access a Norwegian website earlier and webhost Telenor served me error 403.9 (a subtype of the "Forbidden" error instead of Error 500.13 "Server too busy" or similar). Although the error code might be technically correct, I found the fact that they were advertising sales at the same time amusing... (Click to see the full screenshot)

Error 403.9 - Would you like to host with us?
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"Do you need a hosting partner?"

I think they deliberately left that open-ended. They didn't say who that hosting partner would/should be, they just ask if you need a different host. This is probably just a message for the site owner indicating that maybe they should switch to another hosting service.

Or maybe their marketers are just idiots... (Note for those with no sense of humor: all of the above was sarcasm)

Posted by: Deraj on September 16, 2003 07:36 PM
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