September 17, 2003

Having poured some creative energy into a name for a separate photo weblog/gallery/website-thing I'm considering creating, I dug around in a thesaurus for words related to photography and visual concepts like looking, taking pictures etc... camera led to camera-eye, which led via memory to retrospection, which led to introspection and then I got a bit creative and ventured beyond the theasaurus' pages, and there it was; EXTROspection.

Once I thought of it, it was the obvious choice.

Whereas introspection means self-examination and contemplation of one's own thoughts and feelings, extrospection leads the thoughts outwards. I'm not the one to coin the word (now that would be taking too much credit indeed) and the "official" meaning is (as could be guessed)

Habitual interest in or examination of matters outside oneself (from dictionary of difficult words)

The process of observing the behavior of others (from this page)

A process of cognition directed outward -- a process of apprehending some existent(s) of the external world (Ayn Rand, Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology)
Simple and elegant, methinks.

Expect some more photos online in the near future.

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Nice cathc!!!

Posted by: Agnar Ødegård on September 18, 2003 12:41 AM
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