October 17, 2003
jacobsen.no not selling Sildenafil Citrate

For anyone receiving spam from jacobsen.no:

Someone has been sending out thousands of email messages promoting the sales of "Sildenafil Citrate" (whatever that is) from (invalid) email addresses in the jacobsen.no domain. I know this because I've received hundreds of error reports from various mail servers where the spammers have missed their targets.

I do not spam. I do not sell dubious chemicals. However pretending to be someone else on the internet is the easiest thing in the world... If in doubt who just emailed you, please use the telephone or instant messaging.

Update: FYI (since I never actually read my spam mails I might be the last one to know this...) a quick google reveals that Sildenafil Citrate is the generic component of Viagra, the male erection drug.

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Its not you selling it? I've been having a hard time getting it up, and I thought to myself, "What a perfect opportunity, instead of buying generic viagra from some shady internet supplier, I can get it from Anders, my buddy in the blog world. If he can be trusted to provide insightful posts and commentary, surely he can be trusted to provide grey market prescription drugs!"

Then I read this post and I was crushed. I guess its back to the Swedish Penis Pump...

Posted by: sam on October 18, 2003 05:45 PM

Yeah, Sam, sorry to have to let you down (pun intended) there...


Posted by: Anders on October 20, 2003 12:09 PM

Thats funny!!!!

Posted by: reallysadgit on January 1, 2004 10:36 PM
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