October 24, 2003
AdSense when you have nothing to say

I saw this ad at a blogspot.com-hosted blog. Usually Google provides context sensitive advertising. ...but what when the blog has nothing to say? (click to zoom)

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one person actually had adsense serving up some crazy ads on their page with busta rhyme lyrics

looks for it, but sadly i can not find it :(

Posted by: aaron wall on October 27, 2003 05:56 AM

Is the advertisement really comes from Google or it is just a joke, or it is an advertisement for AdSense itself?

Posted by: Jian Shuo Wang on October 28, 2003 07:13 AM

Jian, it's a real ad (!) - I took the screenshot when visiting a random blog*spot blog...

Posted by: Anders on October 28, 2003 10:36 AM

Yuo can find some really cool ads showing in blogs these days. Just got adsense on my site and excited to see what ads appear.

Posted by: Sean on August 26, 2004 03:50 AM
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