October 30, 2003
Mystic River

Saw Mystic River last night [film info: IMDB, WarnerBros, trailers@apple.com].

Quite a good film about kids growing up in a poor neighbourhood and how experiences in their childhood mark them for life.

Some reviewers on IMDB seem to on some paranoia-inducing trip, however:

"I loved this movie, however, Tim Robbins and Sean Penn are so democrat that it's insane. It was so painfully obvious that their characters were trying to tout their political views on how the Republican's like Rush Limbaugh are bad people and that Clinton is the hero. [...]"
WTF!? ... or maybe I'm very unperceptive when reading between the political lines...?

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Keep in mind that the "reviewers" on IMDb are just regular movie-watchers like yourself. Often times, they are even less informed than the people reading the reviews and there's nothing stopping morons from posting good reviews of bad movies and bad reviews of good movies.

I usually read at least 20 short reviews to get a feel for the general response to a movie. I can identify morons consistently and I try to forget what they said.

It'd be cool if IMDb (or bloggers, somehow) set up a system that allowed you to share/read reviews of people that you know/have similar tastes to your own. Then I wouldn't waste my time watching turds just because they're cult classics =)

Posted by: Deraj on October 30, 2003 07:35 PM
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