November 27, 2003

This gadget is so clever, it almost hurts: having not thought of it until recently, when the need and want for an external harddrive to supplement my laptop's mere 20 Gig started humming in the back of my head, this PCMCIA card lets laptop owners with too few or too slow (USB 1.1 for example) USB ports expand the connectivity to 4 USB2.0 ports:

PCMCIA to 4 USB2 ports

Simply clever. There are also Firewire/USB2 combos and variations on the theme...

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Damn, it's cheap, too. Sweeeeet.

Posted by: Martin Sutherland on November 28, 2003 12:57 AM

The Belkin PCMCIA card (which I use on occasion) only has two USB 2.0 ports. This one looks good! From personal experience, you'll have to insert it in the top PCMCIA slot (if your computer has more than one slot stacked on top of each other) because the USB socket part of the card is a bit on the bulky side.

USB 2.0 is also good for newer external CD burners if your laptop isn't lucky enough to have an internal one.

Posted by: alkam on November 28, 2003 01:02 AM

Looks good. Can't wait to get my new laptop ... then I'll start accessorizing ;-)

Posted by: vantan on November 29, 2003 04:37 PM

This is SLICK!!!

Posted by: C.C. on December 30, 2003 02:00 PM

It's slick indeed and seems to be working "click and play"... Haven't done any massive 4-gadgets at once speed-testing, but at least I've got my 250 Gb external disk drive hooked up to it...

Posted by: Anders on January 2, 2004 12:26 PM

Cool stick!!

Posted by: Elke on March 3, 2004 08:37 PM
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