November 28, 2003
New Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The dust's nightmare, a geek's dream:

The Samsung VC-RP30W Robot Vacuum Cleaner has all the trimmings its predecessors were missing: intelligent mapping of the room(s) it's cleaning (as opposed to competing products' random algorithms), web-browser based controls(!), a built-in air cleanser, and to top it all off it plays music(!!!)... Watch the flash demo for more info.

Baby, come to Daddy...

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I saw the Roomba in action at a party some months ago. Around 2. AM our host put the little robot on the floor, and it started vacuuming, oblivious of the people around it (OK, me mainly) going "Oooh! and "Aaah!" Quite an experience to have partied with a robot, I tell you. And now there's one that looks like it can double as a DJ! Now _there's_ a giant leap for mankind. :-)

Posted by: Eirik on November 28, 2003 04:07 PM

Add an Alice-bot [1] and it'll be a friend to party with forever ;-)


Posted by: Anders on November 28, 2003 04:21 PM

That vacuum cleaner must be on every geeks list to Santa. :-) How does it communicate with the PC? Wi-fi? And is the ceiling pad something you have to have in every room? Yeah, I know - I am just chuck full of questions.

BTW: It would have been even better if it had the same collection system as the Dyson vacuum cleaners. I just couldn't imagine buying a new vacuum cleaner dependent on dust bags. Dyson did have a similar vacuumer as the Samsung one, but not as advanced. Unfortunately the project seems to have been scrapped.

Posted by: Jarle on November 28, 2003 06:38 PM

I don't want one, atleast not untill I'm done with my studies. Now that we already got a dishwasher, what would I do then when I need an excuse for not reading to my exams?

Posted by: belze on November 28, 2003 11:31 PM

Belze, I am sure you would find something to do, read blogs maybe? *eg*

Posted by: Jarle on November 29, 2003 10:18 AM

I am typically too lazy to vacuum, but I am also to cheap to buy a vacuum that "could double as a DJ"

do they not realize vacuumes make noise and combining one with music is just a dumb idea!

Posted by: aaron wall on November 30, 2003 12:32 AM

A robot that cleans? Reminds me of episode 1 of the Animatrix... :P

Posted by: alkam on November 30, 2003 09:44 PM

Where can you purchase the Samsung Robot Vacuum (VC-RP30W) and what is the average retail price?

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