December 03, 2003
Usability just won my business is a beautifully designed website. Simple, usable, intuitive, not overcrowded with flashy visuals nor containing information not needed at any given point in the process: pretend you're browsing for a mobile (even if you aren't) and see how sleekly you can build a subscription offer, choose a mobile and so on.

Competitors and resellers considered: O2, Vodaphone and the Carphone warehouse... the latter a study in messy and hard to navigate web pages (with it's "more info" and "compare" icons cluttering the product overviews)

Orange's usability (and fairly competitive web-offers (despite not so good internationally)) just won my business and a free Nokia 7250i is on it's way to its new parent (me!) within the next few days. It's double Advent.

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Man, I just love clean sites. Thanks for the tip.

Posted by: Peter on December 4, 2003 04:51 AM
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Blue Swiss Cheese: Products or Portals? (December 19, 2003 08:24 AM)
"Have you ever noticed how many companies build a web page to sell their products/services and slowly throw everything in to make it a portal to god knows what. Anders Jacobsen has a post on his blog about usability of websites."

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