January 08, 2004
Some people say...

Some people say that looking at the weather one special day at the beginning of the year will predict the weather for months to come. I don't believe in that; and I certainly hope it doesn't apply to flying. The map below shows my flights the last couple of weeks; all I wanted was a Christmas holiday!


Returning from Norway to Nice in the beginning of January is an extreme sport by all definitions: it involves snow; high altitudes and stuff that needs to be perfectly timed. When flight #1 in a series of 3 is delayed, you know you're in for an entertaining afternoon ;-)

Making a long story short, I've now spent a night in Frankfurt Airport, as one of the last weather-delayed passengers Lufthansa will ever buy a hotel-room. According to Ze Very "friendly" (in a German way, I'm sure) transfer desk agent, SAS hadn't properly informed Lufhansa that they had rerouted a couple of additional passengers on to their flights, hence the last Lufthansa flight for Nice departed 2 minutes before a couple of Oslo-originating passengers arrived the gate... Furthermore, according to her the airlines aren't obliged to provide housing for stranded passengers that have been delayed for weather reasons, and Luftwaffe Lufthansa is stopping doing this the next couple of days. Enough said about choosing them for next time...

Fun fun fun.


Happy new travelling year! Fingers crossed for less trouble in the year to come!

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Common, Anders, FFM is *such* a nice airport. :-)

Posted by: Heiko Hebig on January 10, 2004 12:30 PM

I'm surprised they even gave you a hotel room this time: two years ago when a snowstorm stopped all departing flights from FRA, LH refused to pay for any hotel rooms for the appr. 5000 people stranded at the airport.

No hotel rooms for weather reasons (or for air traffic control reasons etc) seems to be a common policy though: I've seen SAS and BA do exactly the same in Helsinki and Manchester respectively. In fact, I think the only time their policy is to give you a hotel room is if the delay/missed connection is due to "operational reasons": i.e. it was their own fault that the flight was late.

Posted by: Petri on January 17, 2004 03:05 PM

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