January 13, 2004
Mobile blogging

Having recently aquired a Nokia 7250i combined mobile phone & camera gadget, I'm of course looking at options to use this for pushing content on to the net; more spesifically looking in to options for mobile blogging...

By default, the phone can run J2ME programs, has a reasonably fast GPRS (mobile IP networking) connection to the net and can send so-called MMS messages and for example email photos and so on...

What I'd be looking for would ideally be a service or a piece of software that allows me to push content on to a Movable Type blog hosted by myself, possibly on to extrospection, possibly on to a new sideblog feature.

My requirements excludes services like textamerica and phlog, as they host their own images.

Looking for software or services that can accomplish the file upload or publishing has led me to the following (and do feel free to share any others you've come across - I'm very interested:

  • Azure - J2ME based, free, but not yet supporting photos
  • Blogplanet - does photos, but cost money
  • ... I know I saw another one earlier that could do photos for free, but I couldn't find it back
Either way it looks like the 7250i doesn't support the essential J2ME multimedia extension (MMAPI) to allow the java snippets to access the multimedia content on the phone (here are phones that do)...

Another possibility would be to set up an email address on my server; dump any attachments received to a script and publish, but I didn't find any freely available scripts to do that, and I haven't got the time to put in the effort:

So, on to services already out there:

  • Blog.TXTsolutions.co.uk has a pay per message solution that can post to Blogger and a lot of other weblogging services but not to MT at the time I looked at it. The URL currently reroutes to a server running on a port that's blocked by the firewall where I am, so I can't check whether they've upgraded. I emailed them at the address published in mid-December but the mail bounced; unsure if company is still alive.
  • MfOP2 (via Scriptygoddess) - this seems to be the bomb. There are tutorials available for MT, Gallery and a PHP thingamajiggy which I all need to study further.
What have I missed? Suggestions, user experiences and more are welcome in the comments section.

... of course we're all waiting for MT 3, which according to this news release will incorporate some form of mobile features...

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