January 14, 2004
iPod, therefore I am

I now am too...

A sleek 40 gig iPod has found its way to me as a wonderful post Christmas gift. May this Christmas never end ;-)

Opening the iPod packaging was a sensory experience new to me. As this is my first ever Apple product I wasn't aware of the great amount of work the designers at Apple, California, put in user experience design even in the wrapping of their easy-to-use products! Apparently, this is the case for all their products (see Lick Me, I'm A Macintosh, via Prachi).

There are some known battery issues for any LiIon battery-powered devices, but they don't scare me at this point in time. For any other iPod users out there, check out the advice at the Battery University (How to prolong lithium-based batteries) and the iPod battery FAQ. Not completely depleting the battery seems to be the trick, as LiIon batteries don't have the "memory effect" known from nickel-based batteries in the past (those needed full recharge/discharge cycles).

I'm not going to become completely obsessed to the level of taking photos of "me and my iPod" everywhere, but this definitely looks good. It feels good. It's small and light, and the thought of taking ALL my CDs with me, anywhere, is very appealing...

I now Pod, therefore I now am...

Interesting observation from the Guardian article: Can it really be a coincidence that iPod rhymes with God?

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Posted by: ipodessentials on June 21, 2004 04:37 PM
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"A heads-up to anyone considering buying one for PC use (I don't have a Mac so I don't know how well they work together), make note that you will either a FireWire port on toyr PC or a special cable (sold separately) + possibly an OS upgrade..."

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