January 19, 2004
Hooking an iPod up to a PC

As earlier mentioned, I've got a new iPod.

A heads-up to anyone considering buying one for PC use (I don't have a Mac so I don't know how well they work together), make note that you will either require a FireWire port on your PC (can be bought as a PCMCIA card) or a USB-to-FireWire adapter. Furthermore, your installation of Microsoft Windows needs to be either Windows XP or Windows 2000 Service Pack 4. I had neither on my work PC but I'm slowly getting there, having bought the necessary cable in the weekend.

Fingers crossed for iPod joy with my Etymotics noise cancelling headphones some time this week (need W2K SP4, and the firewall/proxy at my current location blocks the download).

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I got a 10G iPod for Xmas and it was my first apple experience too. I was amused by the "apple-centric" user's guide:

"If your Windows PC doesn't have the right port..." (firewire, of course)

Sure, USB is WRONG! :-))))

Posted by: Claudia on January 19, 2004 09:02 PM

more often is that laptops have only one USB port and mice are nice to have so you buy a add on card be it

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in our view USB works well on WindowsXP



Posted by: ipodessentials on June 29, 2004 10:24 AM

Apple Centric? You Windows users should be glad you get to use the iPod at all!

Posted by: Jette on July 14, 2004 07:52 PM
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