January 29, 2004
London Mobile bloggers / camera phone users?

Justin from Rosslyn Reaearch left a comment in my photoblog. If you're a cameraphone user in London, you might want to get in touch with him directly (before this weekend):

I work for a Rosslyn Research, a market research company based in London. On behalf of a Multimedia client, we are looking to recruit users of mobile phones with in-built cameras to take part in a survey. The ideal respondent should also be based in London and take more than 30 pictures a month, of which they process 15 a month in some way, eg forwarding to friends or groups, storing and manipulating, uploading to websites or blogs etc. We also aim to include some pairs of friends who exchange pictures on a regular basis.

The survey will consist of the successful respondents keeping a log over four days, including this weekend, whereby they list details regarding the pictures taken (eg for fun, for work related tasks, for research) – there is a payment of £50 for taking part in the survey and completing the log. Thereafter, some respondents will be selected for a second stage, whereby they will be ‘shadowed’ by a representative from our clients company in the circumstances where they would normally take pictures. This session is expected to last from an hour to an hour and a half.

If you are interested in taking part in this survey, please contact me at:

Justin@rosslyn-research.co.uk to discuss the matter further.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Justin Pocknell
Operations Department
Rosslyn Research Ltd


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