March 01, 2004
PaperClick - is it really new? reports: NeoMedia's patented PaperClick(tm) technology launched in Europe at 3GSM:

NeoMedia's patented PaperClick™ technology allows bar codes and other machine-readable identifiers to be directly linked to Web pages and other information sources, and runs on Windows®-based PCs and the Palm Pilot® PDA. With 12 US patents and numerous patents pending, NeoMedia owns an IP portfolio that links the physical world to the internet.
Am I missing something here? Doesn't this sound awfully similar to CueCat?:
The [CueCat] dream was to connect items in the physical world to the Internet, automatically. In January that dream hit a bump in the road and the servers were taken offline. They will scan again...
... or even Chris Heathcote's "physical warchalcking" seen recently?

Update: NeoMedia was also last seen here when they launched an MMS-based OCR/barcode service letting customers look up book prices. I'm not sure whether this is the same as the "PaperClick" product SmartMobs is writing about?

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Yes, Paperclick sounds like CueCat..because it is based on the same patented technology. (Cue Cat's company paid NeoMedia for the licensing of paperclick technology.) The crucial difference, however, is that while Cue Cat required a 'one purpose' pruduct limited to only scanning bar codes, etc...Paperclick can be used with a camera cellphone..point and click! Right now, it works on two Nokia phone models but can also be entered into a PDA or computer for the info. Cue Cat was a great idea..but before it's technology has caught up with the ability to link the physical world to the internet. It isn't limited in application only for comparison shopping; there are an unlimited number of applications from business to consumer. Watch for NeoMedia at the CeBit show from March 18 through 24th for more information regarding Paperclick's European launch..followed by their US launch in the summer.

Posted by: JJ on March 6, 2004 01:34 AM

Have a look what is doing in this area. They have been providing "numeric short code access" for years (Bango Numbers) but recently launched "Bango Spots" - which are symbols optimized to camera phone (dynamic) detection.

Posted by: Larry Larmor on March 14, 2004 10:09 PM

NeoMedia Technologies Due Dilligence:

Posted by: smartbiz on March 23, 2004 09:12 AM
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