March 10, 2004
Nokia's Lifeblog software

Nokia is about to release a piece of software that may just turn a lot of the owners of their next generation of phones into something between photobloggers, mobloggers and "LifeLoggers":

The Lifeblog software automatically arranges all the messages, images, videos and sound clips people capture with their phones.

The PC software organises information on a timeline and lets people add to the collection with images from other digital still and video cameras.

Eventually the software will let people publish some or all of the information they collect to the web to let them create their own biographical blog.

(BBC: Log your life via your phone)

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Nokia 7610 (IMEI:353388000409823 --- Devdas Kusum

I am an ardent user of Nokia handsets! when I came to know that Model 7610 was available at nearest outlet at Chembur I went to purchase it.

While I acknowledge that the piece is sleek, handy and very useful for my personal and business purposes I am constrained to bring before you the following sorry facts.,

On 24th June, 2004 I purchased One Nokia Mobile Model 7610 handset (IMEI:353388000409823) from authorised dealer, M/s.Boy Zone, Shop No.13, Shivalaya Shopping Centre, Opp.Natraj Cinema,Chembur, Mumbai 400071.

I was billed Rs.24,500/- (Rupees Twenty Four thousand five hundred only) as per their Cash Memo No.1514 dated 24th June, 2004 but was charged Rs.25,100/-(Rupees Twenty five thousand one hundred only) through my Credit Card of ICICI Bank.

Immediately after the purchase I approached the Dealer to inform him that I have been delivered a piece manufactured in China which I am not interested in. He assured to exchange it with another piece manufactured in country other than China.

I am also disturbed to find that while the user's manual / guide clearly shows standard accessories but in fact in the actual original pack some of them, namely computer connectivity cable, earphone and strap are missing.

I was also shocked to see that one of the sales staff of the dealer, Boy Zone personally signed the Certificate of Insurace No.W/A 1088680 under the " Distributor's Stamp " column whereas the said staff or the dealer Boy Zone is a Dealer in this case. So will my insurance claim, if it arises in future, be accepted due to this signature on the Certificate. ?

Sir can anyone tell me
(a) Is the Dealer justified in charging me extra Rs.600/- if the purchase was made through Credit Card?
(b) Is the price justified for a (Nokia 7610 ) piece manufactured in China ?
(c) Is the dealer not indulging in malpractices by giving me a pack without standard accessories ?
(d) what about my insurance claim certificate ?
---------- Devdas Kusum
=========================== Requires Film Journailss. Hindi-Marathi-Gujrati- English Translatters, Web Masters, WEB DESIGNERS: To assist in the production, designing and maintenance of . Candidates must be able to work independently and have through knowledge of effective multimedia and graphic design and proven experience with Multimedia/ Graphic software packages. Experience with emerging web standards(Flash, XHTML)is desirable., Tel: 25537171, 25532861, Mobile :9821130305. Send Resume to:; Postal Address: Mr. Devdas Kusum, Editor -, PO Box 8828, Mumbai-400074, India.

Posted by: Devdas Kusum on August 22, 2004 09:34 AM
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