April 23, 2004
Sohovacation party on the blog

Some may recall my exposure of the sohovacation terms and conditions a couple of months ago. Although this is now #1 search result for "sohovacation" on many search engines, there are unfortunately people who don't search before they book this "too good to be true" offer... Several people have posted hearbreaking stories about how they were unable to get refunds and how they were unable to go grocery shopping after sohovacation had served themselves to their money.

"Miraculously," however, last night three "different" people posted comments in rapid succession to the comments page: all 3 from the same IP (, all praising the offer's genuinity, and telling me how fantastic the hotels and cruises were. I've deleted the comments from the site, but I'll republish them here so you can make up your own mind. I do this not to censor the discussion on my page but because I believe they're not for real...

IP Address: Name: Sian Edwards Email Address: SOULASSASSIN6@aol.com URL:


I have just recently returned from a SoHo holiday advertised online. Orlando, Daytona, and the Bahamas were our destinations of choice. I have to admit I was very dubious dealing with the company and spent quite a bit of time conversing with a couple of SoHo's staff members, to ensure the proper decision was being made. After Mr. Stevens explained the taxes and extras, and the general terms and conditions, it deemed economically wise. So I decided for it. I left London, and all my work stress, phone calls, and responsibilities behind; scared as hell! Upon entering Orlando my entire cadence had swayed for the better... and at the City Walk night club complex(amazing) I found the love of my life. Currently engaged and moving to Orlando this summer. Oh, and the holiday- superb. The resorts were immaculate and spacious, and the cruise-ahhh! the cruise..bring extra bags for take home goodies! cheap shopping, fantastic food....

IP Address: Name: Sabrina Tyler Email Address: URL: http://Sabrinaisyum@aol.com


consolations for everyone.... the holiday is real and it's fantastic! if you don't like disney, universal's islands of adventure is better by far. i was able to skip the cruise and have 8 days left in spain later in the year... no complaints

IP Address:
Name: Columbo Mamba
Email Address:
URL: http://Mambabamba@fsnet.com


very suspicious at first... 3 mins to call and snap decision made... thank god, i needed a holiday so bad; stuck in the bullocks all day here! airfare was booked cheap through cheapestflights.co.uk for about 200. car hire helped greatly, spent most time in downtown orlando. taxes were minimal. much different atmosphere in the city; drove to miami- highly recommended site. music scene and food are top notch mate! cheers

If you're still considering shopping with Sohovacation, please make sure you read the other side of the story: the loads of real customers leaving their comments here.

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