May 10, 2004
Mosaikk Gruppen's hollow threats

A week ago, owner of a small business and blogger Jarle wrote a blog entry about a company called Mosaikk Gruppen (in Norwegian only), about how they had spammed him and how numerous requests to be taken off their mailinglists had not yielded any results. As any blogger would do, he wrote an entry about his complaints, thereby also making sure other business owners would be aware of the business practices of the company. The entry attracted the comments of other disgruntled reciepents of cold calls and spam, and today Jarle got an angry comment from someone either from (or claiming to be representing) Mosaikk Gruppen, in poorly written Norwegian implicitly threatening legal action for writing anything negative about the company (English extract and context here).

CHris says it best in the comments:

First off, everyone has a right to state their opinion on a company's services or ways of doing business. Companies need to remember that in today's connected age, pissing off a customer, especially a customer who can write and has a blog, is a bad way of doing business. A case in point, I used to always review new VW flash sites pretty favorably (they do cool stuff in Flash) but after my three year old Passat needed a new engine and VW took nearly 6 weeks to repair it, I make sure to mention their lack of good service when I blog about VW now. If VW didn't want this to happen, then they would have made sure that their customer service was not conducted in a way to piss people off. It sounds to me like Mosaikk Gruppen needs to learn the lessons of doing business in today's connected world. From their actions, it doesn't sound like they are learning.

Do good business. Don't do evil. Don't spam.

Easy, isn't it?

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Funny: Exactly today a similar thing happened in the German Blogosphere:

Posted by: Martin Roell on May 10, 2004 08:16 PM
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