May 17, 2004

From Nazi Cola to McRacism in one day. Whew. Gia has the scope: all the words and phrases that McDonald's™©® has registered, trademarked or patented.

Registering 'I am Hungry', 'Did Someone Say' and 'Always Fun' is just intruding on our freedom of language a bit, wouldn't you say? 'Boston Market', 'emac digital' and 'Gospelfest' surely, surely should be owned by someone else. 'McBaby', 'McKids', 'McFamily', 'McJobs', 'McWorld', and 'McMemories' are just downright evil. 'When the U.S. Wins You Win' and "McHero' sounds like some bad idea from marketing ('Hey, I know, let's run a promotion where everytime we bomb Iraq killing hundreds of people our customers get 50¢ off an Extra Value Meal™ or a free regular sized Freedom Fries™©®. We can sponsor the news, you know, "Today's bombing in Iraq sponsored by McDonald's™©®, where everyone is a McHero." It will really get the customers in... By the way, I am hungry, when are we breaking for lunch?' - in come the cops to drag this poor bastard away for using a phrase which is trademarked...)
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