May 17, 2004
Sieg Coke?

Via Gia and Heiko: The Coke Nazi Advert Challenge:

Apparently, there used to be a big link between Coca-Cola and the Nazis in the years running up to World War II.

After the US entered the war in 1941 Max Keith couldn't get Coca Cola syrup from America to make Coke, Keith invented a new drink out of the ingredients he had available to him and made it specifically for the Nazi market and the Third Reich. The drink was called Fanta. In 1943 alone he sold 3 million cases of Fanta in the Nazi empire.

(Source: Nazi advert challenge: Background)

Now some UK based idealists try to highlight the link by solliciting original and new contributions linking Coke with Nazi Germany for display in London toward the end of May.
We will get lawyers advice on any potential copyright issues, but don't worry about that, it is our problem. Be imaginative.
No shit...

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