May 21, 2004

Have you rasterbated today?

Check out this raster-PDF generating web-toy/tool allowing you to print monster-sized, rasterized versions of your photos! (requires Flash)

Progress toward world domination:

In 74 days 2 536 239 pages of rasticulate consuming 120 629 048 kb have been created. Total surface area: 163 712 m2 - 0,37% of Vatican City covered.
(via mr Hebig)

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Rasterbated pictures are cool and make normal pictures look more interesting.

Posted by: mike on June 29, 2004 04:05 AM
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Eric Rice: Rasterbation (June 8, 2004 08:06 AM)
"Take a picture, run it through the Rasterbation, and make a massive picture highly rasterized. You can print it out and go through 800 vials of ink. Awesome!

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