July 27, 2004
US Internet businesses hitting that international market...

Dell builds PCs in Ireland and ships them to other European countries. Yet they still ask for some odd information when selling their European products to their European customers:

Trade Compliance

Dell is a US corporation, and is therefore subject to all US Export Laws and Regulations. The export of any Dell products or software must be made in accordance with all applicable laws of the United States and local country regulations, including but not limited to, the US Export Administration Regulations. This may require that an export license be obtained, or that certain declarations be provided to US or local government regarding the products being exported.

1) How will these products be used? [Drop-down list ranging from 'Home' to 'Military' use, via 'Nuclear Industry']

2) Where will these products be used?

  • These products will be used at the listed ship-to address
  • These products will be used at an ultimate destination other than the listed ship-to address
If the ultimate end-user information is different from the listed Ship-To Name, please complete the information below: [name & postal address]
The UK Ministry of Information blog has more comments:
No offence to individual US citizens, but your government has a serious attitude problem. This isn't 'Planet USA'; the USA is only one country of over 260, and I owe no more allegiance to it than to Canada, Vanuatu or Morocco, to pick three at random. Why the US government feels able to impose its whims on foreign nationals who aren't even interested in the USA mystifies, and offends, me.

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It used to be the case that Dell laptops (made in Ireland) could be had for different prices depending on the country you ordered them from. IIRC, you could save a good 25% by ordering a laptop from the German website instead of the Irish one (even though the laptop was shipped from Ireland in both cases :-).

Have the prices equalized since the Great Euro Conversion?

Posted by: Harald on July 29, 2004 04:29 AM
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