August 02, 2004
ADSL modem, router and wifi?

With only a cheap (10 GBP!) USB modem coming with my ADSL connection and a new need arising to hook up more PCs at the same time, I'm in the market for an all-in-one box allowing me to share my ADSL line. If I'm splashing out for a gadget anyway, I figure I can just as well make it a decent one that includes either WiFi or is easily upgradeable to whatever 802.11 standards is hot now and in the future (802.11g seems to be the going deal; my ADSL line only provides 512 kbit/s anyway, so 50 Mbit/s is slightly more than what I currently need).

Any advice where I should be looking? sells the following interesting routers:

Any other brands out there? The Belkin modem looks ok, at some 70 pounds; as does the 3Com offer around 80... Anyone with good or bad experiences with these or similar products?

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We're very happy with our 3Com Wifi station/ADSL router (an older model than the one you're considering - we got ours last year). It is possible to go wrong with these things, though: my father-in-law got the latest offer from D-Link (very popular in Norway), which turned out to be notoriously proprietary. Basically, the baud rate drops whenever you try to access the network with something other than a D-Link card. Google is your friend, as always! :-)

Posted by: Eirik on August 2, 2004 06:27 PM

I've been happy with the LinkSys family of products.

I'd also recommend thinking about breaking out the ASDL modem aspect from the wireless router -- seems more portable that way if you switch from ASDL to another provider or if you want to unplug it and bring it to a friends house for a few days.

So, I'd recommend the LinkSys wireless router, for example

Don't have any experience with ASDL modems, though.

Posted by: shyguy on August 3, 2004 04:38 AM
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