August 04, 2004
More ADSL/WiFi/Router combo boxes

Following up Monday's entry on ADSL gadgets, the revised list of candidates are:

From an ease of use + powerful capabilities perspective, Linksys are getting glowing reviews from Amazon users...

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Hi Anders. The first Linksys WAG54GUK I bought didn't work - it powered up but couln't be found on

The second one I bought worked for about 4 months, although I couln't get a VPN connection with work until I did a firmware upgrade. Then it started to randomly reboot itself. These reboots would cause the wireless connection to drop, and the only way to reinstate it was to perform a hard reset and reinitialisation.

0 out of 2 on a random sample - maybe I was just born unlucky. Or maybe the rumours that linksys quality control took a nose dive after they were taken over by Cisco are true. Oh - and I didn't enjoy the prospect of paying Linksys for the privilege of them recovering their dead kit.

On the bright side, the US Robotics USR 19105 I replaced it with is working flawlessly, and were pretty efficient ...

Posted by: Rich on August 10, 2004 09:41 AM

errrm ... that would be "couldn't". Twice. Sheesh. Could it have been my dreadful spelling and woeful lack of attention to detail that caused your server to give me that "500 Internal Error" message when I posted?

Posted by: Rich on August 10, 2004 09:50 AM
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