August 13, 2004
xlogs - executive blogs

Interesting piece in Jeremy Wagstaff's blog on "Executive blogs" (see also interview in BusinessWeek):

[Jonathan Schwartz, president and chief operating officer of Sun and recent blogging convert: ]

Six weeks into blogging, and he believes every executive should have one. "It'll be no more mandatory that they have blogs than that they have a phone and an e-mail account," BW quotes Schwartz as saying. "If they don't, they're going to look foolish."

Executive blogs, what we should perhaps call xlogs, could eventually grab a lion's share of the Internet audience, BW quotes Chris Charron of tech consultancy Forrester Research as saying. The idea: you reach your audience more directly, you don't have to give dozens of interviews which are edited down to fit the journalist's whim, deadline, agenda or angle, and you still can hit the links before lunch. Says Schwartz: "I'd rather be
driving the dialogue than be run over by it."

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