August 17, 2004
The Human Locator

... the very name of this one brings to mind Minority Report-style advertising posters: personalized content depending on who and where you are. By many, brushed off as an "Sci-Fi" Privacy issue only in a far future, but in fact, available for purchase; today, and not even using RFID tags or anything like this, just image recognition.

The Human Locator has been developed by Montreal-based Freeset Interactive. A system allowing a Macromedia Flash MX advertisement to interact with the passer-by, the options for vastly "EyeToy"-like interactions are open for exploration by the advertising industry.

PeopleFinder screenshot from demo homepage (linked in article)
The Human Locator analyses a camera feed in real time, sending detailed information about people's location, size, and movements. This data is then used as input to control projections, video, graphic animations, and sound. The Human Locator offers a complex analysis procedure and precise controls for accurate tracking in a variety of conditions. The variables it outputs can be used in an infinite variety of ways, limited only by your imagination.

Human Locator: How it works
via Regine, cross-posted from RFIDbuzz
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I can't believe this is a reality. I can see how it would be very effective, as a photo of a pretty woman could follow my eyes as I walk by a store. Corporations truly own the world.

Posted by: entertainment news on August 17, 2004 11:21 PM
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