August 19, 2004
iPod but no iTunes? Yes!

This piece of software looks amazing; I'm going to have to give it a spin one of the next days: Red Chair Software's Anapod claims to offer Windows Explorer access to your iPod contents as well as offering a MUCH smoother update process than when using iTunes (which is, let's face it, a bit of a pain..)

Has anyone tested anapod yet? Thumbs up or down?

(via ITavisen)

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I did. I got it because I couldn't figure out how to get moodlogic ( playlists on to my iPod through iTunes and thought this would do it.

But I can't understand the fuss. I drop my iPod in the cradle, iTunes ... does its thing ... and I lift a fully synchronised iPod out of the cradle - what is there to improve?

With anapod, you are back in the horrible world of getting XP to recognise your iPod, and releasing it when your done and all that messy stuff. It won't play nicely with iTunes (or vice versa) and I had to uninstall iTunes - which means I lost the radio, which I liked. (They may have fixed all that, they were updating it at an impressive rate while I was using it.)

In the end, all you do is drag and drop a play list onto iTunes (duh) so I didn't need anapod and uninstalled it.

I can't help feeling this is something to do with the difference between Mac folk and Windows folk. Mac's artsy folk just want a synchronised iPod. Windows geeky folk want to play with the knobs and settings and radio buttons and what-not.

If you've got some cash that's burning a hole in your pocket, I'd suggest you buy Moodlogic instead.

(here is some more background on moodlogic: )

Posted by: Rich on August 31, 2004 06:02 PM

I have already uploaded all my songs with and I'dd like to use them but as wma files or such... what do u propose ?

Posted by: camille accad on September 25, 2004 10:20 PM
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