August 26, 2004
Nigeria blogspam

How low can they sink?

Comment received on my blog:

Hello Sales,

I am MR John Allen the CEO of Houston based Allen INC..All we do in our firm is place an order for any product our clients all over the world are interested in on their behalf.This particular order to be place is one of our clients from Nigeria.He saw your store advertisement on the internet,and was interested in your products;so he forward your email to us to make inquiries about your products and help him purchase the ones he is interested in.

We want you to give your website information or the items you have instock so that the order could be made and do not forget the means of payments you accept.After that,I 'll give you the shipping information that is in canada inorder to collect the goods and ship it down to our client in Nigeria.

I await your response ASAP.


John allen.

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