September 17, 2004
Computer Games -- Art?

Clearly I haven't been watching the games market too closely the last years: I remember MYST - the dreamlike discovery game; now MYST IV is out, and not only that; to emphasize the artisitc qualities of the game, the game's creator Ubisoft has teamed up with County Hall Gallery in London for an exhibition of the game's artwork:

In an unprecedented meeting of modern technology and art, leading videogame publisher Ubisoft today announced a unique partnership with County Hall Gallery, home of the Dali Universe, to run the first ever videogame based art exhibition. This will be the first time a leading London art gallery has run an exhibition for a videogame, indicating greater acceptance and appreciation by the art world of the artistic creativity of videogames. The exhibition showcases some of the stunning artwork used in the development of the Myst series, with sketches and other elements used to construct the games, the latest of which, Myst IV Revelation is to be launched at the exhibition.

Date: 17th-19th September
Venue: Dali Museum, County Hall Gallery, Southbank, London
Opening Time: 10am - 6pm
Admission: Free

(via ViewLondon)

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