September 17, 2004
KOSS PortaPro

Koss_PortaPro.jpgI am very very impressed by UK discount gadget shop DiscountDiscs. Wednesday noon I thought I might want to try an alternative to the default iPod earplugs (not ecstatically good sound quality) and my Eytmotic ER-6 plugs (simply too good noise-cancellation for an office environment: I don't hear my phone or colleagues talking to me).

My brother has been praising his Koss PortaPro headphones for some time, so I mailed DiscountDiscs, got a reply to my questions in ten minutes and immediately send through an order (good prices and free shipping in UK, even!). This is where the really big difference from other webshops kick in: less than 24 hours later, I have the headphones in my hand! Good going, DicsountDiscs! I'll definitely shop again :-)

The Koss PortaPros are very lightweight, come with a life-time guarantee, have superb bass for their size (rated frequency response 15-25,000 Hz, which is a larger envelope than what the iPod can reproduce (20Hz-20kHz). I've only had them for a few hours so I will have to report back more after plaing with them for a while.

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I had heard about those headphones for a while before I bought them, seeing how everyone had them I wasn't quick to rush out and get one (call me quirky). But then I went off to one of the Hi-Fi stores in Oslo and tried it along with a number of other headphones - and they were great.

Never mind I paid 3 times as much as I can get them for now. They are great, and I have still to ruin them - a year after I got them :-D (thats pretty good when used by me). I am looking forward to see how much the life-time warrenty is worth though ;-)

Enjoy them!

Posted by: Jarle on September 17, 2004 07:54 AM
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