November 01, 2004

After the weblogging world started to get to grips with the comment-spammers, wikispam was the next natural arena for the spammers to embrace: wikis are lightweight, open-for-all-to-edit pages that thrive and grow organizally as users contribute and correct information in them. As anyone can enter information; spammers are also free to add their links. Over the weekend, some asian spammer(s) registered at a wiki I'm administering and added thousands of links (presumably) selling 氯化锌法, 氯化聚乙烯无尘复合稳定润滑剂 and all sorts of other keywords meaning nothing in the context of the wiki they were ported in.

See also:

I don't see why not we can't figure out a way for wiki software to auto-block spam; even integrating with the URL lists/patterns in MT Blacklist?

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