November 08, 2004
ISO standard for tracking of sushi using rfid

Someone arrived at this blog searching for "iso standard for tracking of sushi using rfid" and in the new answerblog tradition, I thought I'd shed some light on the topic:

When talking about "tracking of Sushi using RFID" I will make the fundamental assumption that you're tracking the plates the sushi arrive on, not the bits of sushi themselves. Although the latter may be possible at some point in the future you probably don't want people to eat these chips today (although injection of RFID chips in the body is technically possible even today, I suspect the cost of tagging each sushi would be prohibitive, if even useful).

Tracking of sushi plates is possible by gluing / embedding an RFID tag in/under the plate. (sample photos at engadget)

ISO standard for RFID: there are a couple of ISO standards for RFID developed and some still under constuction. See the RFID Handbook for a listing. However, in parallel, some vendors and other groups are creating other standards.

I haven't found information about which standards were used for the sample "sushi implementation" mentioned; whether they were ISO, EPC or other...

More information here:

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I really find this very amusing. Especially as they asked for an industry standard for specifically checking sushi, rather than plates in general. Well, they were lucky coming to your blog!

Posted by: alkam on November 8, 2004 06:30 PM

True; it almost makes one think about the IP via carrier pigeon stunts of RFC 1149:

Posted by: Anders on November 8, 2004 07:40 PM

Thanks for that. Weird. The mind boggles!

Posted by: alkam on November 9, 2004 09:38 AM

Tracking RFID plates is in use in a sushi bar i visited during my last business trip to toyko. In the bowels of the enormous Roppongi Hills Tower they have colour coded sushi plates, which you take from a conveyor belt - as many as you wish liberally washing it down with saki. The waiter/waitress comes and collects your plates during the evening and neatly piles the plates next to your table in their respective 'red plate' 'blue plate' green plate' pile - each colour is a price which fluctuates daily according to the seasonal and local fish availability. At the end of the evening an RFID hand scanner comes out and is passed from top to bottom of the piles of plates - some piles 30 plates high - and voila you have the price. You can imagine the gadget stir this caused at our table where prototypers, programmers and hi-tech developers from *insert multi national research centre here* were meeting...naturally we had a play with it - prising the scanner from the waiter and holding plates up to the light to see the rfid ... yes we were tipsy and nerdy.

Posted by: DAve on November 9, 2004 10:57 PM

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