December 09, 2004
Francophone websites in London

Search and you shall find... I remember Expatica from my days working in Holland. The other day I thought I'd have a look for what's available for French people working/living as expatriates in London, and there is quite a lot, actually:

Two (free) magazines published and distributed to numerous outlets, including two francophone bookshops:

Not only that; there is also a raft of other sites, including
  • FranceInLondon and the Londonoscope are listing "french" events in London at any given day (French films, plays etc)
  • Bienvenue Londres has discussion forums and info for French people living in London and UK
  • There's even better deals to be had for French cars for French people living here!
Now I'm curious; is there similar amount of information available for expats from other countries? I'll definitely have a look for Norwegian info... (discounts on Norwegian cars, anyone? ;-)

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A new website is now available for the French community in London:

15000 publications each month.


Posted by: emmanuel on February 1, 2006 07:20 PM
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