January 07, 2005
Upping the ante

Now every link to the charity websites listed on the Tsunami challenge webpage is generating ~US$ 3.28!! How?

Eliot Landrum has generously committed to matching my final donation, as has my employer (through a program where they match employees' contributions dollar by dollar). In addition, since I'm a UK tax payer, the British Red Cross can recoup approximately an additional 28% on my donation.

More than 130 bloggers have already responded to the challenge, raising a total of US$ 426.4 for charity (130 from me, 130 from eliot, 130 from my employer + 36.4 from the UK Government) plus any donations they have chipped in themselves, and any donations their links have generated.

It should be a no-brainer to get 370 additional bloggers in on the deal; the total donation will be US$ 1640 if we meet our goal! Go on! Get your fellow bloggers blogging for charity!

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For anyone trying to get to my blog, my host is suffering DDOS attacks.

Posted by: eliot on January 8, 2005 06:47 AM

It is great news that every link contributes more money. Keep up the good work. I hope more blogger people join up.

Posted by: Jon Berg on January 9, 2005 12:59 AM

Talk about stretching your dollars. It would be nice to see others rasising the stakes even higher.

Posted by: elber on January 9, 2005 05:54 AM

this is cool.

Posted by: anna garcia on January 9, 2005 07:16 AM

That's cool - but you could just give the $500 anyway, couldn't you?

Of course then you wouldn't get all the links to your site, which will certainly raise the value of your site.

Posted by: anonymous coward on January 10, 2005 12:16 PM

This is an awesome idea. It only took me 2 min to post your links, more than happy to participate.


Posted by: Michelle on January 10, 2005 09:49 PM

Anon - just as Anders answered on the last post, having people post these links to their blog may help others who don't know anything at all about Anders or me donate too.

Posted by: eliot on January 10, 2005 11:40 PM

Found out about this from Eliot. He recommended that I post a comment to your blog so you would know to authenticate my links :)

Good Luck ya'll!

Posted by: Joe Reynolds on January 13, 2005 08:33 PM

My god, that’s brilliant... Thanks for the great idea!

Posted by: Sylvia Anderson on January 25, 2005 12:10 PM
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"Dette er en liten påminnelse til dem som ennå ikke har gitt et bidrag til tsunami-ofrene, og samtidig et indirekte..."

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