January 19, 2005
Fighting back on comment spam: nofollow

As requested by Wired 12.1: "101 ways to save the Internet", way #75:

We love you Larry and Sergey, but... [...]
75 Let us link to a page we hate without boosting its ranking
Google, MSN, Yahoo, Movable Type and others have announced a common approach to try to kill comment spam: by applying a "nofollow" tag to links, search engines will simply ignore them for the purposes of calculating rank and search engine results: Read more here:This is great news for all users of the internet except the spammers! Yay! Genius!

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I can imagine how annoying comment spam is (I get it occasionally). I did read, however, another view on this, which does sound quite reasonable.


I don't know what you think about it.

(I promise this isn't comment spam! :)

Posted by: alkam on January 19, 2005 08:58 PM

I've grown somewhat wary of the "notorious" Andy Orlowski's posts about issues - he sees to tilt them too much with personal preference.

However I have to say I am along the lines of him in opinion though. I think this is a big step towards devalueing spammers' pagerank in search engines, but it won't stop spam.

I've been recently getting totally useless comment spam (regardless from which point you look at it). The spammers have just begun to annoy me - they don't advertise anything, but they are all complementing my blog in huge masses - now that's weird. You can have a look for yourself at http://www.vilpponen.net/antti/2005/01/19/the-best-of-comment-spam/.

Nevertheless I think I will implement this in my blog in a few days - even if you don't agree with something totally doesn't mean that I should harm the whole system by not adopting it. There's no harm to me in this, even though I don't believe in it 100%.

Posted by: Antti on January 20, 2005 10:08 AM

Nice blog. I just got mine started today. I hope it will look like this someday. Its just hard to keep finding fresh content

Posted by: prosolution on March 17, 2005 02:19 AM
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