January 25, 2005
Mass-scale open proxy blocking: MT Blacklist 3?

We all know it: straightforward IP banning does not stop comment spam. Jay says it, Adam says it, and numerous others.

What DOES work to a certain extent, however, is locking out known spammers / open proxies, at least flagging comments from known sources of garbage as "To Be Moderated". Brad has launched MT-DSBL which blocks hundreds of spam on my site weekly (only one known false positive so far, a user accessing the site from an ADSL connection with dynamic IP allocation - being hurt by a previous user having that IP banned in DSBL).

I imagine a future release of MT Blacklist allowing auto/testing / auto-submission to the Blitzed list, and then duplicating the MT-DSBL plugin's option for auto-moderating/auto-blocking any comment coming in through a known open proxy.

Yes, some spammers spoof IPs, some spammers spam garbage (no discernible URLs to filter), etc. I have hunch, however, that together bloggers could help the blitzed list to grow rather comprehensive, quickly, and hence kill the problem that is open proxies for spamming.

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I've found Spam Karma to be *very* effective on my site. I never get an evil comment when it is enabled. Spam Karma uses a lot of different techniques, including a blacklist and IP lookup. Dunno if it is available for MT or not.

Posted by: eliot on January 27, 2005 11:30 PM

Please send me proxy and anty filters

Posted by: AB on December 17, 2005 11:15 PM
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