March 08, 2005
Testing applications 'for real'

Jason Fried: 'Getting Real' design tip: Just say no to Lorem Ipsum:

While building your interface, you may find it easier to just run down the forms and fill the fields with garbage (“asdsadklja” “123usadfjasld” “snaxn2q9e7”) in order to plow through them quickly. That’s not real. That’s not what your customers are being asked to do. Why take a shortcut and not feel the pain of filling out a long form? If you just enter garbage in rapid fire fashion how will you ever know what it really feels like to fill out that form?

Bottom line: Do as your customers do and you’ll understand them better. When you understand them better, and feel what they feel, you’ll build a better interface.

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Well, many forms don't accept just any garbage. Faroese phone numbers are too short to validate, the space in "Jan Egil" is invalid character in a name etc.

Posted by: Jan Egil Kristiansen on March 8, 2005 09:03 PM
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