April 29, 2005
Busy week

Busy week just past; Stavanger (Norway) in the weekend, London Sunday night, Amsterdam Monday morning, back to London on Tuesday, London-Lisbon-London on Thursday. Will chill in the weekend...

It was nice to revisit Amsterdam. The mixed smells of piss and 'smoke' perfumes the city centre as always, but it still has its charms, and it was even a sunny day! :-)

Lisbon looks beautiful (when you fly in, you sweep over the city centre, approaching the very centrally located airport). Lisbon also has the craziest taxi drivers I've seen in a while: I thought the 'acceptable' 2*(speedlimit)-10 km/h in France was bad, my cabbie in Lisbon had to break quite a bit to make it down to 120 km/h when there was a sign stating the 60 km/h limit in a turn on the highway...

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