May 11, 2005
Bring your outboard brain with you

Sometimes things can be deceptively simple yet amazingly powerful. The captivating Tetris-game comes to mind, and today I had another life-changing revelation: the GTD TiddlyWiki is a Wiki, a GettingThingsDone (GTD) tool, and an open source, multiplatform, HTML-based 'The Brain' you can carry with you on a USB stick.

I've always admired the flexibility and power of TheBrain but have been turned off by having all my stuff wrapped up in a proprietary format; requiring installation and licenses and stuff. Secretly, I guess I was just waiting for something dead simple, easy to use, yet powerful.. I've been playing with setting up 'personal wikis' on my webserver, but have been frustrated by the need to access it while off line etc etc.

Today it's here; look no further; check out the TiddlyWiki, save it to your hard drive and start playing! Thanks, Nathan and Jeremy! (via LifeHacker)

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ynnesdal:blog: Digital planlegger - med mer (May 12, 2005 11:32 AM)
"Jeg har sjekket ut BackPack - og den er slettes ikke dum for å holde orden på både det ene og det andre. Nå tipset Anders Jacobsen om GTD TiddlyWiki, som lar deg ta med hele "huskelappen" på for eksempel..."

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