July 07, 2005
News from the archives: London terror attack 'inevitable'

March 2004 London terror attack 'inevitable':

A terror attack on London is inevitable, Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir John Stevens has said.

Sir John's comments were echoed by the capital's mayor Ken Livingstone who said it would be "miraculous" if London escaped attack.

The two men were speaking after last week's terror attacks in Madrid which left 200 dead.

Earlier cabinet minister Peter Hain said the UK was a "frontline target" for attack by international terrorists.

Job to stop attack

Speaking at a mayor's press conference at City Hall, Sir John said UK security services were working "three times harder than ever" in a bid to foil possible attack.

"Since 11 September there have been 520 arrests, half have been charged with an offence and there are 90 about to go through to court," Sir John said.

"We do know that we have actually stopped terrorist attacks happening in London but, as the prime minister and home secretary have said, there is an inevitablity that some sort of attack will get through but my job is to make sure that does not happen."

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The attack occurred on 7-7, which in Japan is a holiday called TANABATA, or, STAR FESTIVAL, about two lovers who reunite in heaven once a year after being apart for 364 days...... Did the terrorists choose this day for some reason connected to Japan?

There is also a popular movie in Japan called "July 7: Fine". Meaning, July 7, a clear day. Did the terrorists get their training in the Aum Shinrikyo terror days of the poison gas attacks of sarin gas in 1995, masterminded by Shoko Asahara? Is there a connection between bib Laden and Asahara?

Posted by: aline brown on July 10, 2005 02:10 PM
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