July 07, 2005
Why Londoners rule

(Opinionated) Gia:

We are not terrorised.

We are just annoyed.

The Germans tried to terrorise Londoners for 40 nights. Londoners just camped out in the Tube singing songs.

The IRA tried to terrorise the British for decades. The British just used the destruction of buildings as unplanned town planning and revamped their bombed cities.

Now these amateurs think they can scare us by messing up the transport system? Bah. We're just pissed off that we can't meet our friend for coffee in the West End.

Piss off, terrorists. Go pick on someone who gives a shit.... You'll get the reaction you want from Americans. Try them again.*

* not really, obviously
(via Heiko)

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My deepest sympahties to the victims, their families and their friends. My prayers are with them.

I wish more Americans had your attitude. It's the best way to defeat the terrorist.

Posted by: Paula on July 7, 2005 04:57 PM

Paula, you're right. They won't pick on the American's for some time. If they do, bush will invad every country in the region.

Posted by: extenze on July 10, 2005 12:46 AM
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