July 08, 2005
Normality recovers

So after the crazy day that was yesterday in London, the streets were full of people walking home in the afternoon/evening. Shops were shut. Streets almost devoid of cars and traffic.

Today, London life resumes. Some tubes and trains are running. Buses are back to normal.

What happened was a tragedy, there are officially more than 50 dead people now (and still some uncounted in a wrecked train underground that the police hasn't gotten to yet) but they (whoever 'they' are) won't be able to scare us away from living our lives.

Today, it seems, most people are working more or less at normal. Some from home (no need to crowd the services that do run), but still: London life resumes.

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Yeay London! F* the terrorists. I think being able to commute to work, shop, and generally get around is the best way to show these Koran-beating idiots that we will not cower in a corner and be paralyzed by fear of the mundane.

Posted by: valerief on July 8, 2005 10:29 PM
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