July 21, 2005
Blog reports of new blasts, no first hand accounts yet

Random Acts of Reality: "I suspect I can direct you to your normal news-sites, as I'm not going to have any great insights from here on in."
Badly dubbed boy: "Dear World: Could you please stop crapping on my head and the head of some of my friends/colleagues today please?"
Suw: "Very hard to know whether this is the result of nerves after the events of two weeks ago, or whether something has genuinely happened. I really hope it's the former, not the latter."
mol: "Is this a really botched copcat attack, or is it some pathetic and unfunny hoax ?"

More here and on Londonist.

Eyewitness second hand account on BBC: english guy's backpack blew up in front carriage of tube train, but more like fireworks than an explosion.

I think we can get these guys alive; someone please have snapped a mobile phone photo of the morons doing this...

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