July 21, 2005
'Code Amber' - full evacuation

BBC is on with 'breaking news' as well now: London Underground has gone into full 'standard' emergency shutdown mode - code Amber - evacuating all stations and shutting down trains everywhere.

Incidents appear to be of smaller scale than 2 weeks ago, preventive measures being taken everywhere.

Still no reports of casualties (BBC commentator: just because we have no reports doesn't mean there are no injured, it's possible there are some, but 2 weeks ago there were very visible injuries immediately). Initial eyewitness observations of the bus incident reports the bus is in one piece.

I've been working from home in Central London today; ambulances/sirens are now hurrying past on full volume. TV stations show full traffic chaos in central London.

Update (14:10): only Victoria, Northern and Hammersmith & City lines being evacuated.

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