July 21, 2005
One guy caught?

BBC (14:22) eyewitness reports that passenger(s) chased a "young, very dark, probably asian" man running out of one of the stations after the foiled suicide bomb attack. Police was called.

We're definitely going to get those guys...

Prime and cabinet ministers are cancelling the appointments, Cobra waking up, like last time.

Update: the (edited by BBC?) eyewitness' report in full here:

Hugo Palit, Warren Street: I was going into the station, and I heard a noise. Then I heard noises, like shouting and screaming, and suddenly I saw a guy coming out and people chasing him.

He came out from the station, he was running and he was a little bit confused, looking right and left. I couldn't really catch him because I was carrying two heavy bags, and then he passed by me.

There was another guy who was chasing him.

We saw a policeman, so we waved, like, he was going that way. I don't know if they did catch him or not.

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