July 22, 2005
Police reaching out for witnesses for London bombings

The police in UK are using the internet to sollicit information, mobile phone photos etc from the recent bombings in London: this time, there are a number of wannabe suicide bombers on the run, and there will be CCTV footage and bystander mobile phone footage of them somewhere out there:

Click Here to submit information on the London bombings

Click Here to submit images on the London bombings
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I really hope they catch those maggots soon. I honestly believe that we should actually torture them to death in a public setting to deter further terrorism.

Obviously these maggots are not afraid to die but to die a torturous death might make them stop and think. I do not consider it uncivilized to torture someone to death if it will prevent an innocent person from being murdered.

Posted by: extagen extenze alzare on September 3, 2005 03:56 PM
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