July 25, 2005
Skype growing up

Loads of interesting stuff going on with Skype recently:

  • Skype Video (not the free Spontania video4im plugin) is being tested (also from airplanes).
  • Loads of new, cool third-party plugins are coming up, allowing one to stream TV (if one has a TV-in setup) or exchange a video-feed for a selection of photos / screen dumps / video clips etc. See Skype Journal and VirtualCamera for more!
  • A list of other cool plugins here (incl misc voicemail applications, auto-podcasting etc.)
This quote is still good:
"If you're a big incumbent and you've sort of enjoyed a competitive advantage . . . you, in my opinion, ought to be terrified."

"I think it's going to be the very, very best and biggest breakthrough in our ambitions and dreams about competition ever."

- Michael Powell

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